May 2019-John Balls “Norfolk and the Titanic Sinking”

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John Balls is a Cambridge Graduate who was Head of English in a large Comprehensive School. He founded the ‘Norfolk Titanic Association’ in 1996, and it remains a lively and well-supported group of enthusiasts.

He has written two books on the ‘Titanic’ – ‘Titanic – the Norfolk Survivors’, and ‘Lucky for Some – Titanic’s Lifeboat 13’.

He has also contributed articles to the magazines of a number of ‘Titanic’ Societies. John has given ‘Titanic’ talks in Belfast, Italy, the USA and Canada, and is speaker in schools, basing his talk on the story of Ruth Becker, aged 12, a passenger in Lifeboat 13.

His main area of research involves the stories of five people from Norfolk who survived the sinking in April, 1912. Their stories add a
very human touch to this iconic global tragedy.

Meet at The Mo, Sheringham Museum

Please use entrance on Lifeboat Plain

The talk starts at 7.30 with coffee/tea from 7.00.

Visitors are asked for a donation of £2.