Archive of past events


For a taste of the topics we cover, take a look at the “press releases” and accompanying pictures covering talks from the past six months or so:-




September 2019-Dave King “50 Years of the North Norfolk Railway”

Dave King will talk on 50 years of the North Norfolk Railway on Wednesday September 4th 2019.

July 2019-History Group trip to Fakenham Museum of Gas and Local History

As usual, our July meeting will be a visit to a local place of interest and this year we have arranged a visit to the Fakenham Museum of Gas and Local History on Wednesday 3rd July at 11am.

The Museum charges an entrance fee is £5 per person for a group visit which is  payable on arrival.

Non-members are very welcome to come along.

The museum has a website which is a little out of date

June 2019-Father Denys Lloyd “The Catholic Church in Sheringham”


On June 5th the Sheringham History Group will have the latest of a series on the background of the various churches in the town.

Father Denys Lloyd will tell us of the development of the Catholic Church in Sheringham, culminating in the consecration in 1936 of the Gilbert Giles Scott designed St. Joseph’s Church, which remains the town’s only listed building. A tour of the interior, described as “a treasure trove of early 20th century art”, will follow.

May 2019-John Balls “Norfolk and the Titanic Sinking”

John Balls is a Cambridge Graduate who was Head of English in a large Comprehensive School. He founded the ‘Norfolk Titanic Association’ in 1996, and it remains a lively and well-supported group of enthusiasts.

He has written two books on the ‘Titanic’ – ‘Titanic – the Norfolk Survivors’, and ‘Lucky for Some – Titanic’s Lifeboat 13’.

He has also contributed articles to the magazines of a number of ‘Titanic’ Societies. John has given ‘Titanic’ talks in Belfast, Italy, the USA and Canada, and is speaker in schools, basing his talk on the story of Ruth Becker, aged 12, a passenger in Lifeboat 13.

His main area of research involves the stories of five people from Norfolk who survived the sinking in April, 1912. Their stories add a very human touch to this iconic global tragedy.


April 2019-Russell Yeomans “ The Gunton Park water powered sawmill”

Gunton water powered sawmill

The Sheringham History Group meeting on April 3rd will be given by Russell Yeomans on the topic of the Gunton Park water powered sawmill.

Featuring on national TV in both drama and documentaries, the story will run from initial building and operations of the mill in 1824, through decline, followed by restoration from 1988 onwards as a working history museum
A highlight of Russell’s talk will be his description of the part the mill played in producing the detailed wooden carriage for the Mo museum cannon.


March 2019-David Stannard “Norfolk Longshore Fishing”

On Wednesday, March 6th, David Stannard will be the speaker at the Sheringham History Group. He will review a year in the life of a Norfolk longshoreman, looking at the various species of fish and shellfish that visit our shores annually, or come out of hibernation at certain times of the year.

David will describe the various methods of catching these creatures, how to preserve them, and the best ways to prepare them for the table – all against a background of Norfolk’s remarkable fishing heritage.
The talk will be followed by a simple fish cookery demonstration and of course a tasting of the result!